Tree Services for Commercial Properties

Are you a property manager, looking to save money on tree care costs? We offer commercial tree care plans that maximize efficiencies and make budget planning easier.

Our flexible treatment plans allow you to focus your time and energy on other aspects of your job. We have a team of arborists with years of experience and the best certifications to give you a customized and thorough plan. No matter what your needs, we make tree care work for you. Review our tree care plans and contact us today to learn more!

Why Your Trees Need Care

Care for your trees is like care for your vehicle. Both require maintenance at different times for different reasons. You perform maintenance on your vehicle to avoid failure or breakage of parts that could cause serious damage and cost you more money. Now imagine having a fleet of 50 cars. All of those cars require different maintenance at different times. This is the same situation with urban forests at commercial locations. Having a well-planned observation program, and proactively maintaining your trees will help avoid unforeseen costs, property damage and the dreaded remove / replace cycle.

Urban areas create a unique situation where trees are not planted in their natural habitat and are forced to grow in odd and sub-optimal conditions, competing with grass and subjected to reduced root space and erratic weather conditions. This issue is only compounded in commercial locations, where large numbers of trees are fit into small landscapes and managed by one company or representative. The need for proactive tree care and observation by a professional is vital.

When Your Trees Need Care

The short answer to this question is NOW! Tree care should start as soon as the tree is planted. Contrary to popular belief, one of the best times to begin tree care is when the tree is younger, preferably right after the tree is planted. During the first growing season, watering and observation is key to the success of the young tree at establishment. In years 1-5, structural pruning can be done to begin training the tree to have a uniform and solid structure, helping to avoid branch breakage in the future. Organic matter and soil conditioners should be put down to help assist the young tree roots in establishing into the foreign soil it’s been planted in. On most commercial locations, trees will need to be raised up to assist in landscape mowing, or to keep them off of walkways. As trees grow taller and wider, they will need to be pruned to avoid scraping or hitting buildings, also known as clearance pruning. As trees grow, they will require repeat pruning, different types of pruning, health or insect treatments, deadwood removed, etc. Having a maintenance and observation program in place proactively maintains these trees, ensuring that safety hazards are mitigated, and the trees thrive.

Our Tree Care Plans

Basic Care Plan

Basic tree care for a fixed annual or monthly cost Foliar and soil testing with one round of the Soil Health – Vital Blend, which incorporates 100% natural and organic biochar and humates Clearance pruning from buildings and crown raising off sidewalks, roads and parking lots 3 site inspections by a Certified Arborist per year

Complete Care Plan

Complete tree care for a fixed annual or monthly cost Includes all necessary plant healthcare treatments, interventions, inspections, and emergency responses Guaranteed replacement for any tree that dies under our care Discount tree replacement and installation of new specimens Custom tree care plans 3 site inspections by a Certified Arborist per year

Care Plan Benefits

Tree care is a must. Your property can benefit greatly, both from a monetary standpoint and a visual one. When you work with us, you are working with the best team. We have Certified Arborists that will explain and map out all of the benefits your commercial property will see with a proper tree care plan. With us, you’ll find:


  • Tree Care Industry Association
  • Certified Tree Safety Professionals on staff
  • ISA Certified Master Arborist on staff
  • ISA Certified
  • Arborist on every crew
  • BOMA, CAA, CAI, and Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder of Columbus Area Vendor Alliance (CAVA)
  • Line Clearance Certified, Ariel Rescue, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)


  • Inventory of all trees on your property so you can easily keep track of them in your customized client portal
  • Work history updated in real-time on itemized work orders
  • Leveraging technology to manage your urban forest
  • Personal arborist assigned to your property


  • Simplified budget planning with fixed costs
  • Take advantage of cost savings through proactive care
  • Preventative care leads to lower long-term costs by fixing problems before they become expensive, larger issues